Saturday, February 14, 2009

die die with a T

what every women fear.. Post-Chinese New Year syndrome.. what is this? fatty fats accumlated from all the goodies and food!!

last december, i was slimed down by 1cm (which is alot to me!!) thus i can finally fit into the pants which i put aside, waiting for this day!

my happiness didn't last long, i knew it because CNY was in january 09! my in-laws have started storing tibits and goodies, so did our mouths, transferred the goodies from the cupboard to our tummies! we even had late nights supper. (the killer!)

about 2 weeks ago, i noticed my pants are getting tight. so another round of small diet for me. its die with a T! as i love food! it's so difficult for me to control myself.

and this email came to my attention at this point of time. (coincedence?!) there's a type of diet pills that has proven to lose weight, has patented ingrediets, in a large bottle of 300 capsules!

should i try?

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