Saturday, February 14, 2009

valentine day gifts

its today.. valentine's day.. how many valentine did we skipped? i think at least 4, cause our eldest is 5yrs old this yr. ^_~

so, its time to put focus back on my hubby. i need to shower him with gifts of love :p

there's few on my list - aftershave or iPod, wallet (as usual) or watch

but he never use aftershave, not even shaving cream. though i wanted to buy for him last time, but he said, "don't waste the money, i don't use."

now iPod... i need to find the best bargain... & if i get him this.. i can use it occasionally too! (like his last palmtop. i play games with it :p)

anyway, there's still time, i can find more gift ideas on the net!

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