Tuesday, February 17, 2009

check ur TM bill !!

last year, around Oct, we received a letter of notice, telling us that we didn't pay 1 month usage for and they will include the unpaid amount into our next bill.

thus, i decide to split this extra amount and pay throughout 2 months. Nov & Dec i pay slightly more then the current month usage, e.g. cur RM150, pay RM180.

but by Dec, we still have outstanding amout unpaid. and TM (being so efficient) called our house phone, saying we have $200+- outstanding, if not paid will cut line.

2 days later, they cut the line, then we call them. and they explain to us why. we dig our bills out (Oct 08 - Jan 09, lucky i kept them for a year then throw) and double check with what they said.

and horribly, they change their charging system, and double charge us for THE SAME month.

this meant, last time, we always pay back-date month, July we pay for June usage. but when they merge the bills, they decide to charge the next month usage, i.e. July will charge for Aug. then they say we didn't pay for July lah (for example) but in actual fact, we never miss any bill - we paid July bill in Aug!!

so gents & ladies who uses Streamyx, cause now they merge the bill, try to check if you are been double charge like us.

after we make noise, they update their system and found out we only owe them $70, not the $200 as said above.


  1. Same thing happened for our Celcom bill. We kena charged RM600++ for 3D data usage!! Which is impossible to be happened. My husband filed a complaint with them, then they credit back the money. But a month later, same thing happened again, RM500+ for the monthly bill!!
    Wondering what the f*ck they're doing there..

  2. I think I ought to ask hubby to check too cos we use Streamyx at home too. Thanks for sharing.


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