Thursday, November 20, 2008

Friso Brings My Family Out

every kid loves getting out of the house, aka shopping / playground / etc. even just hanging in the front porch excites them. lucky for my boys, my in-law house has 1 grass patch & a front porch.

in the evening, they will push their bikes and push-along-cars onto the grass patch. then "race" down to the front porch (when the family car is not around) and back up to the grass. all the screams and laugh will tell you, they are having so much fun. the whole lorong can hear them.

and every outting is a new experience, (almost every time) a great discovey is made! there's 1 outting to Singapore Botanic Garden, and the 2 boys saw this shiny metal object, 1 tall & 1 short. mummy showed them how to use it - water cooler. and they had so much fun just pressing and 'try' to drink from it. the best part for them - the water is cold!

then, this 1 time, we visited VIVO city's roof top water pool. we had so much fun!

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