Saturday, November 29, 2008

KidzSports & Gym

went to KidzSports & Gym at 1 Utama after getting an invitation from the advertiser. we nearly had to give this a miss cause hub's uncle had an accident on Fri afternoon. he was admitted to hospital in the afternoon and was ask to be warded for observation. he didn't had any major injuries as his Nissan car has strong solid metal casing. the ONLY wound he had is the bruise near his tummy due to collision on the steering wheel. THANK GOODNESS!!

back to the topic, at night, hub came home and give me the - ask me to pack our bags.

but it was a rough night, both boys toss and turn and cried! from 2am til 5am. first, heng cried twice, then chen, who always cried the longest and hardest. hub calmed heng down, and i had to carry chen out and we sleep on the sofa for few minutes before carrying him back.

in the end, i couldn't wake up as planned, 6.30am. drag til 7am, wake everyone up, rush in and out. leave the house by 8am. and we manage to reach 1U by 10.30am. and we are just in time! nothing was missed and they have not started.

from the photos below, you will know where is their favourite spot.

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