Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Digital Times

It's my biggest wish to own my very own laptop, for the convenience sake. (I can carry it to singapore.)

So, has been surfing on and off to search for the best bargain. (other then refurbished laptop which suited my tight budget. It's natural for human being to want a brand new product.)

I came across this SAVEBUCKETS and find it has 2 useful columns - Best price: & Compare prices:

This means, I do not need to go out and compared with other shops / malls to get the best deal! Cool right!!

For some time now, Mother-In-Law (MIL) has the urge to change the old bulky television to a nice wide flat screen. But last week, the washing machine breaks down first. So we went to get a new one. Somehow, 1 mechanic came the following day, (AFTER we purchased,) and said, just a mere RM80.00 for repair. (Compared to the previous RM800! That’s why we decided to buy a new machine!)

So, we've call up the IT mall, and change / upgraded to a LCD TV instead! Later that day, I went to take a look at SAVEBUCKETS. And I was glad we did not pay extra for our new addition.

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