Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Avoid this chalet - Island Resort, Singapore

received this email from a gf, & she said this 2 incidents are actually her pals.

The name of the resort is Island Resort... I very very irritate by Island resort too... First thing is their booking system... I did not book at the resort... I booked via bank transfer... However, they didn't give me a letter of confirmation for my bank transfer... So after 1 week, I called them... They told me it is confirm and they DO NOT have the service to email people for confirmation.... Then 2 weeks ago, I went there personally to ask for my room no. and the receptionist said my reservation no is invalid... So she rebooked for me... And request me to send the receipt of the bank transfer... Then the next day, I forgot about the reservation no. So I called up then another person told me I haven't email the receipt... I asked for the no. and complaint to the person of this error... Then this person checked for me, and discovered that my booking is still there... And also told me my room no.

Then on the actual day which is the 10/11/2007, I went to check in and the receptionist told me I nv booked AGAIN!!! I directly told her my room no. and she managed to found my name... I feel like scolding her... Then the chalet is really very bad... I seriously feel I am being over-charged since the facilities is very very old... I paid $283 upon checking in...

Break down of the charges as shown in the receipt
one day charges -$194.39
GST - $13.61
Cash Deposit - $50
Party Surcharge - $25
Not in receipt - $25 (BBQ surcharge)

Seriously I was in a hurry while checking in and out... So I never checked... Now went though my receipt and discovered the GST... But in the website http://www.islandresort.com.sg/rates.html"All villa Rates are NETT Price in S$/Per NIGHT/Villa (INCLUSIVE of GST)" Does this means, I should not be charged the GST??? Also in their website: the party surcharged is $20 only... In my receipt is $25... They overcharged me...

Enough of the money complaint... Now the facilities, This is the worst chalet I ever done/went... There is no mop, broom, cloths... Only 3 towel which is seriously not enough to use... My tap is on the verged to spoil... The layout is creepy... The fridge is not cold... The toliet is very unsafe... because from the toliet can peep and see the bathroom... Everything is so so so... Cannot make it...

If u ask me to go there again... I will never booked my chalet there... Because it is expensive and lousy...

Hi ladies,

I would like to highlight to you my experience over at the ECP chalet which has change management to an indian company.

ECP chalet is no longer under costa sands management .. which is very unfortunate.

I had my birthday celebration over there yesterday.

For just one day, it costs $208/night.

The rest of the chalets are fully booked.. so.. i have no choice but to go with them.

When we checked in, we need to pay in full + a $50 deposit first.

I would like to highlight to everyone - they have alot of hidden agenda.

1) The chalet cannot have more then 6 person at any time, if not there will be a "party charge" of $20. The employees will go from one chalet to another to confirmed that there is no more than 6 person. ( CAN ANYONE TELL ME WHO HOLD CHALET HAVE LESS THAN 6?! )
This was not highlighted when we booked the chalet, and the lady says that it is in the fine prints. After which they insist that they were just being kind to walk around to collect the $20, if not the fine would be $50 for holding a "party without license"

2) They only provide 2 towels, and 3 wooden chairs. For every extra towel its an addition of $3 charge. For rental of extra chairs - $20 for 1 table and 4 chairs. for Mahjong table - $25 for 1 mahjong table and 4 chairs. They dun deliver to you. You pay, you collect on your own.

3) the rental of bbq pit has increase from $10 (previously costa sands charge only $10) to $18.

4) You cannot have more than 4 person sleeping over at the chalet. They have the rights to chase u away.

5) You cannot make too much noise after 1130pm. They have the rights to chase you away.

So ladies, please highlight all these to any of your friends who have the intention of holding it at ECP.

I had a very bad experience, and will never go there and hold my chalet anymore.

With that amount of money charged, i could have gone to a hotel for a night stay.

With that amount of money, i could hold 2 night stay over at downtown east and still be able to pay for half of my bbq food!

its ridiculous! =.="

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