Wednesday, August 8, 2007



我们的2万呢?? 你只记得你的2万。。


你还说得出"兄弟"两个字!!! 我们根本没感觉到你还把我们当兄弟看待。你老婆也已经没把我们当兄弟看待了,都得感谢你!!!

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Good Night Song

The Smurfs Goodnight Song Lyrics

Try to sleep now, Close your eyes, Soon the birds will stop singing.
Twinkling stars, Are shining bright, They'll be watching you all night.
All the things, You enjoyed, On this beautiful day
All your friends, All your toys, Will be waiting for you to play.

[italicized words are spoken]
"Mr. Sandman will bring you dreams, As soon as the lights are out, And tomorrow, You must tell me What those dreams were all about"

Try to sleep now, Close your eyes, Try to think of tomorrow.
All those stars, Wish you goodnight, So I'm switching off the light.
One more hug, one more smile, Kiss you once, kiss you twice.
I'll be here for a while, Try to sleep now and close your eyes.

Smurf - Goodnight Song - Smurfs