Thursday, November 26, 2009

looking forward to a holiday trip

this year is coming to its end. & as always, i yearn for a holiday trip to "Rest & Relax". so where shall we go?

Australia Gold Coast? Hong Kong Disneyland?

now with 2 kids, i always look out for this type of theme parks so the boys won't feel bored.

but now, i also realise, it's not easy to go for a holiday. when i was young, my friends will do all the necessary bookings. (i was the youngest, they are older.) now, just browsing through the phamplets or websites, i was confused and cannot decide to do what first.

but for sure, hotels & air tickets must be booked in advance. thus, searching the cheapest rate for these 2 is a must!

during year end, lots of competition can be seen. (horray for us!!) with this tough situation, i've found 1 site call "CheaperthanHotels South Africa" but it's not just South Africa, there's other links to European Countries (& many others) as well.

and so, i shall slowly browse through this site, then decide where to go next year.

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