Thursday, October 1, 2009

mummy's nightmare

2 nights ago, i had a terrible nightmare. but funny thing is, i didn't wake up in cold sweat or heart pounding.

it started when i brought the boys out to meet a friend. after that, we went to Marina Bay or Square (?), i cannot be sure because i remembered we stood by Singapore River. and there are a lot of contructions working: they are building new shop lots along both side.

after that, we went inside the shopping center, and very fast, we are home. & my mom ask me "where is yu chen?" only then, i realise yu chen didn't follow me home!!

i feel so horrible and horrified!! hurried back to the shopping center and get the security to help me find him.

right there, i woke up. i took a deep breath, then turn to check on them, especially if chenchen is still breathing. (because they love to sleep on their tummy)

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