Thursday, March 5, 2009

Anti-slip Step Stool

where in Malacca can i get such a stool? any mummy / daddy can help me??

chenchen has fallen twice - tummy on the side of the toilet bowl orady (lucky never hit his face or head)

Ikea Children Stool - RM12.90

this brand is a killer!! Safety 1st: 3-in-1 Potty 'N Step Stool = MYR109.90


  1. Wah, MY109.90 for the stool. Too expensive to me.

    May be can consider wooden stool, where surface can be easily roughen. I found one shop in Jonker street selling it.

    Cost < MY40, I guess, can't remember

    From Jess

  2. Hi Jensey, are you staying in Melaka ?

    Me too... he heh..


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