Saturday, November 1, 2008

movie time

we went to Melaka Mall today, instead of Dataran, as we knew for sure, there's no parking on a Saturday (& sunday)!!!

there's only 2 shows seems good enough to watch - Eagle Eyes & Tropic Thunder.
so hub ask, u wanna watch fighting show or funny show. i was blur "what funny show? (both names don't seem to be any funny)"

he replied, it's about few men shooting a war movie, but end up in a real war. so i say, ok funny movie. i need some light entertainment.

Tropic Thunder

not a bad movie, had a few good laughs. but the most suprising is i saw TOM CRUISE. i was pretty sure of myself when he appeared 2nd time. his eyes, his mouth cannot be covered by the makeup. (thou i cannot recognize him when he 1st appear. the make up is really NOT HIM!!)
go and watch this film when you have the time (some alone time with your spouse) and see if you can guess which is he!

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