Tuesday, September 16, 2008

power failure again

i think for the past few months, there's a power failure EVERY MONTH - not failing us... it always happen in the middle of the night. then the boys will become warm cause they are wearing long sleeves pyjamas.

but yesternight, think chenchen had a "feeling", no matter what i try, he won't change his sleeveless into Mickey Mouse long sleeve. so i thought let him sleep deeper, then i change. who knows, at 1am, power was cut off. so there's no air con & no fan.

heng start to toss and grumble, so we have to remove his long sleeves and change into a sleeveless.. haha, chen was ok.

then, the wind started to blow strong, it seems like going to rain. so hub suggested bring both of them to sleep in the living room, can open the door and have natural wind.

when we carry the mattress and the boys out & settle them down. 5 minutes later, power came back.. so carry everything back into the bedroom again. but never change them back into sleeves as we always set the air con on timer. i got hungry, and we ate Maggi Curry for super later super.. @ 1.45am

BUT THEN!! who is the family that always triggle the power failure?? who uses the appliance that needs drains so much power, that it was cut off from the main supply?? this is an old neighbourhood, unless the owner has rebuild the house, all the wiring and casing are the old-fashioned type, easily triggle power failure...

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