Monday, September 1, 2008

lunar birthday..

wow! so fast my lunar birthday is here..

and since today is a public holiday, we decided to go Port Dickson seaside. (only during the trip, i remembered it was my lunar birthday)

it started to rain when we are reaching PD. AARGHHH!! it's not ordinary small drizzle, it's raining cats & dogs!! thunders and lighting!!! so scary as we cannot even see clearly.

12pm, then the rain stops. wow! we started the journey around 8am. we should have been playing in the water at 11am.. and the sun become so fierce at noon. only 20min and chenchen's shoulder start to turn red! lucky i put sun block on him already. hub brought him back to me (i was playing on the beach, also act as bag-guide) and we started rubbing tons of children sun block on both of them. so another 10min, we pack our things.

and because it's my 1st time with kids at the beach, i pack alot of things. but only brought 2 bags down. so our bathing gel and shampoo and changing clothes are all in the car!!! >_<

hub had to stop at a petrol kiosk on the way home, so he can change his wet pants :p

we had lunch in Pizza Hut. and both of them finishes a plate of spaghetti & meatballs!! they fall asleep after 30mins of driving. chenchen even had the energy to sing 3 songs before his eyes closed. heng? he cannot even talk, so tired. hahaha!!

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