Wednesday, September 10, 2008

lame excuses!!

it makes me angry to know there's such foolish and stupid people walking around.

there's this woman who chatted with hub thru a trade portal. yes a trade portal! so unprofessional of her...

she started off like a decent woman, chatted about normal things.. then suddenly, she ask if hub is a virgin!! stuff she chatted later on & days later - all about sex..

she had a part time job at night in a clinic. she ask hub if she can ask the doctor, how to know if a girl is a virgin. WTF this girl is doing - acting cute or dumb. (hou tin zhen, hou shor!!)

she really ask the doctor next day, the doctor just smile back, day after they did IT in the clinic. it's bound to happen since she ask such asshole question. actually, to think of it, she WANTED IT with the doctor, just an excuse to triggle it off!!

then, hub even tell me, she sleep around in her office. 1 staff last day, she gave him oral. so hub ask her did they do it? she replied - of cause no! i am not the easy type!

oh F-off!! if i am chatting with her. i will reply her - go check dictionary on the meaning of easy - sui bian! obviously you do not know the meaning of this phrase. you can even ask your own boss (day time job) if he wants it! and slept with so many people. chatting with you just disgrace myself. * logged off*

and why did she do all this? because she broke off her boyfriend... #$%&%$@

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