Sunday, August 10, 2008

did you encounter this

i am sure 99% of you out there have visited the C- mega mart in Suntec. (or any shopping malls in Malaysia). so have you encounter this? or is it my bad luck...

we are shopping in the C- mega mart. (in Melaka) we need trash bags so went to the desinated shelves. there're L, M & S size for C- home made products, which are the cheapest. hub ask, "hey, this is only 30pc, how about other brands." i checked, and they are the same quantity.

thus, settle on C- trashbags, and i took 2 bags - both same color (blue) and quantity, even the design n publications looks the same.

so the story starts when we pay. as usual, i check the receipt to see if there's any double entry. then realise, the 2 trash bags are of different pricing!! RM1.50 & RM2.10!

so i start digging for the items, and realise, AHHHH!! we took the wrong brand!! and i am sure i took the 2 items from the same shelve.. arghhhh! did they (C- staff) do it on purpose or by mistake?? is this a gimmick to let us (blur blur housewifes) pick up 2 of the "identical" items "by mistake"?? and so they can earn an extra 60cents!!

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