Thursday, July 17, 2008

i've join Advertlets!!!

I have been blog hopping for the past few months, and I saw quite a number of bloggers have this on their blog --

my curiousity was trigged off as I see more and more bloggers with the same logo on their panel. So this very fine weathered day, I click the advertisment! After browsing the header, this particular box caught my attention: SGD 8800 for 300 Singaporean Bloggers!

I am a singaporean, and I blog! So why not give it a try! Thus, I signed up with

after I receive the verfivication email, I logged in to explore. i was attracted by its color scheme on its website. The color combination was very eye-friendly, I can read their FAQ, etc. easily. And the words they use, very good for a dummy like me. :p whether it’s a myth that mummies become dumber after they give birth, my memory and time has both shortened. Thus, quick reading and easy understanding of a website is very important to me. has given me a doorway to earn my income in the shortest time used!

As said above, from the date i've joined, 1st July, til now, 17 July, these umpteen days have earned me SGD0.01!!!

ok ok, you can laugh all you like, but after joining a few of such websites, this is the fastest income i ever had! bravo to! hip hip hurray!

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