Friday, July 25, 2008

garbage enzyme

garbage enzyme - i was 1st introduced to this term by angeline in her blog in Nov 13, '07.

this is a long explaination, but it's not boring at all. too bad it's in chinese. my apologies to those non-mandrain readers.

since then, i thought i will never do such a thing in my IL house cause it was using garbage!! but yeternight's Sin Chew Daily, it was mentioned again, with many details. there's even a talk in KL. so i read to hub, but he didn't pay attention to me. (that night's tv program was about TOP TEN ways conners use) this morning, somehow i accidentally said about this topic again. and his face suddenly beam up bright!

"this is so interesting! you must tell me more!" hub exclaimed as he drived to fetch hengheng. so below is the recipe for making the enzyme. since the quantity they mentioned is quite big, i suggest you readers reduce the amount via ratio to your acceptable amount.

  • brown sugar - 1kg
  • fresh garbage - 3kg
  • water - 10 liter

  1. pour water and brown sugar into container (ceramic, potery or plastic). stir in CLOCKWISE direction.
  2. put in fresh garbage, i.e. fruit peels, fresh leaves (yes, fallen from trees type!) or, other veggies or plants that you want to throw away. make sure the sugary water covers all the rubbish, if the rubbish floats, push them down.
  3. 3/10 percent of the pail has to be left empty for the yeast to work its magic.
  4. loosen the cap /cover to let the gas out everyday. UNTIL THERE'S NO GAS.
  5. the garbage enzyme will be done in 3 (THREE) month's time. do not worry as there will be NO FOUL SMELL. just make sure the lid is coverd properly.

proportion to be use:

  • fertilizer - 1cc enz : 100cc water
  • pesticide - 1cc enz : 1000cc water (1 liter)
  • air freshener - 1cc enz : 200cc water
  • for new plantation - 1cc enz : 500cc water
  • anitseptic - 1cc enz : 500cc water
  • shampoo, shower gel, detergent, dish washer - 1cc enz : 10 times water

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