Wednesday, July 30, 2008

baby's cord blood

every new parent will get this phamplet when you visit your gynae nowadays - cord blood banking.

when we first heard about this from our gynae, both of us took a deep breath and discuss about it for days. then i start to do some research online to know more.

there are a few sites online about this, but i frequent cryo-cell more than the others because of its informative reviews and reports. as a pregnant mom, i do have the gitters and scare of my baby not living when born or after birth. there are times i wanted to bank in heng's cord blood.

but after several serious discussions, we decided to give it a pass this time, main reason because both of us are in pink health, our pre-marital health check came out A+. thus our kids having mishaps (touchwood~!!) is very low.

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