Monday, June 9, 2008

rusty in blogging

so long never blog, got a bit rusty in my fingers and mind.

we enjoy alot in Singapore. we = me, heng & chen. basically, the boys bug me to go out everyday.

my dad & me brought the boys to a neighbourhood barber to shave their head. i have 2 NS boys now. washing their hair is so easy & fast!!

hub & me always think the boys can stay in Singaore for 14 days. because there's 1 time when heng is only 1yr+-, we overstayed! we went back home on day 15, and was called into the custome office to have another chop before we can go home.

so since then, we never read the chop on the passport, just only make sure their passports are chopped. Wednesday we are coming home, and Tuesday, i read their chop out of curiousity. and realise they can stay for 30 days already!! it was somewhere back in mar 2005!!! so i was happy! December holidays, we can stay longer!! hehehe

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