Sunday, June 29, 2008

bad news

this morning, both boys wake up and start playing noisily. but 2 of their uncles are still sleeping. so i use hub's handphone to call back home, so they can be constrain in our bedroom chatting with wai gong, instead of running in out of the bedroom.

i had tummyache thus went into the toilet. then i heard hub chatting on the phone. i was wondering is the voice his or the neighbour.

when i came out, he call me over and told me a bad news: my dad was hospitalized!

this morning around 6am, he woke up covered in pesperiation, and he said he can't feel his pulse and his heart was pumping weak. he also has difficulty in breathing. immediately, my mom woke my brother up and rush my dad to Mt Alvernia.

the doctors did a check up and came out to tell my mom that my dad was OK, nothing is wrong; his cholestrol, blood pressure, etc. all in normal range. so my mom ask the doc, is this due to the late night soccer watching, the doc just smiled back.

so just for safety precaution, they admited my dad into ICU for observation. my mom and brother will be going back at night to see if my dad can be discharged. the doctor say he can be discharged, so hopefully nothing will pop up!

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