Monday, May 19, 2008

whole family not feeling well

everyday we all sleep late. because we all went to grandparent's house for lunch & dinner. (but a good news for me as i am not a good & keen cook :p)

thus, everyone in the LEE family gather there and catch up (chitchat) abit. the boys enjoy so much as there's 2 dogs there, 1 is an old dog and another new puppy dog. puppies are playful, like them. so, especially heng, played so rough with it. ah gong 1 time let the puppy loose, and heng played with it til he falls down on the carpet grass. a scene i only saw on AMERICA'S FUNNIEST HOME VIDEOS. hahaha!

since we all had less sleep, flu bugs slowly catch up with us. both boys are coughing, but heng has dry cough, & chen has lots of phelgm in his throat. both of them are sniffing. hub & me have sore throat. yesterday brew a pot of barley, and it cured my sore throat but it came back today. (can't remember what i ate to trigger it back.)

i am giving both boys alot of warm water and hopefully they sleep more to chase the flu bugs away!!

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