Sunday, May 11, 2008

tired Mother's Day

if you had read my twitter, you know that hub's grandpa has pass away on friday evening. thus we had a tiring and sad Mother's day.

since it was the 3rd day of the furneral, we had to 'da chai' - chant and walk round. we walk 3 times, and each time, at least 10 rounds. 1 of the relative commented, it was more tiring than playing ball!!

i felt chenchen's thigh as i changed him just now, it was so tough! LOL, trained his musslces as he walk 1/2 of each round with me. i was curious about heng's, so i went over. ayyyee.. it was soft. he didn't walk enough. kakakaka.

worst of all, blur heng brought back the wrong mother's day gfit!! he brought home his classmate's work.

so 2 mommies Mother's Day was ruin by a blur boy. inherited by his papa, it was a terminal disease.

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