Friday, July 4, 2008

Thomas Thomas!!

gosh!! i had the thomas tank engine poison too! all thanks to the boys. and since May 2008, i've been asking my forum friends - is there a Thomas concert in June 2008. and the answer is NO. i was quite disappointed.

and today, in my hotmail, i saw this:

The all-new 90-minute musical adventure, Thomas & Friends Live! On Stage in Thomas Saves the Day is coming to Singapore.

Enter a world of imagination and adventure, as this world class production brings Thomas and his friends to life with three-dimensional animatronic engines, huge sets and fun filled musical performances.

Join Thomas, Diesel and Percy in a narrated story of friendship, discovery and cooperation as they work together to get the railroad ready for Sodor's Magic Lantern Festival.

Don't miss "Thomas & Friends Live! On Stage" making tracks to your town!

Book your tickets to Thomas & Friends Live! On Stage at

papa! i mus go!! this is the best birthday present for the boys!, it's in 1st week of September!!! & i even got an earlybird discount. (provided i book tickets before 10 july.)

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