Wednesday, April 23, 2008

electric bill drop like a bomb!


for the past few months, since we start paying the household utilities, the electricity bill was around RM200. so last month, i started a trial and error way to see how much money we can save. that is : switching off all the power plugs when we sleep.

so first item will be the television and it's connected parts (cable and hi-fi). have told hub to switch off the power supply instead of just pressing the "off" button on the remote control for the 3.

and the computer and modem will be switched off constantly, at least 2 hours per day. and our lightings at night are lighted at certain areas.

and today, the latest bill comes into the mailbox. and since i can't understand malay, i took the bigger figure as the current month's bill : RM145. and we had a brought-over figure of RM85. so our total bill this month was not a big killer = RM230.

when hub was back for lunch, i showed him the bill proudly! then he read and say, NO LAH! LAST MONTH'S USAGE WAS ONLY RM85, the brought-over figure was RM145.

wahhhh, i drop my jaw...

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