Saturday, September 1, 2007

8 types of mummies

try my best to translate this article.

1. those who play too much
some mums come back home in the midnight, 1 week see their children 2-3 days; some mums are too addicted to tv dramas, once they are in front of the tv, they will forget everything. they only come back to reality when the tv drama ends. this type of mums can be called 'selfish mothers', the children cannot feel their moms' responsibility and cannot face themselves in the mirror.

2. those who concentrate on dads
although dads are working hard, and the whole family should give him care and concern, but if mums always leave the biggest piece of cake to dad, always buy dad's favourite food, as if dad is the only person in mum's life. the kid will feel jealous and cannot adapt to

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