Thursday, April 5, 2007

open house @AMK Hub

this was taken at Learning Kidz, level 3 of AMK Hub, durin their open house. i enjoy so much, esp later, i went to the nex rm to kick balloon. i can kick as high as i like! not like at home, every1 say 'cannot kick high, will knock things over' :/

mummy oso took video of me kickin balloon, but the viewcam has limited memory cos din put memory card, its less den 1min :( i played til so tired, i automatic push stroller away. hehehe, mummy got a shock, quickly catch me back. realise i m tired n thirsty n hungry. so gave me water to drink while she put didi in the stroller.

as we walk out to find toilet, she realise i din bring my balloon out. so went back to get 1, n she ask the lady where the toilet is. when we reach there, we went into the handicapped cum baby change toilet.

aft tt, mummy use carrier to carry didi, while puttin her backpack bedhind me, sitting in the stroller. as she fumbles wif the carrier n didi. i dozed off.

(mummy went to the lift, wanted to go the restaurants at lower flr. who knows! the lift jam at 3rd flr. she watches the num goes 1 - 2 - 3. but the door din open! the ppl inside press alarm too. so she look arnd for operation num to call. she can't find any, so ask the contruction worker nearby, they oso din no. she called wai po, who is suppose to meet us 1/2hr ago, n as they r tokin, the security guard came. mummy went up to tell him the lift is jam. he ask her if inside has her frds, she say no, we jus wan to use the lift. the guard force open the door, n the 3 families in the lift finally came out. there's a little gal, she mus hv quite a scare. mummy dun dare to use the lift liao, cos she scare she will b only 1 inside n the lift door will jam again. so went back to the baby room, sat on the shelves n listen to her hp music. the bad part is the breastfeedin room is not finished, there's no chairs in the room, or else mummy will hv a comfy chair.)

abt 1hr later, i woke up, still drossy. but lucky, wai por finally here. n we went to hv food. i m so hungry!! we had wan ton mee n fried fishball. aft tt, wai po n wai gong brought me to NTUC Xtra to shop for grocery. mummy went 1 corner to feed didi milk in bottle. n den, the day ended, go home time.. :(

--- narrated by hengheng

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